The Life and Art of James Barry

Dr William L. Pressly

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1981, Yale University Press,                                                                                                   Hardback, 320 pages

"A well-documented biography accompanied by a catalogue of all known paintings, all located drawings and all prints. . . . This study will undoubtedly, and deservedly, stand for a long time not only as the major study of this artist, but also as an important view of one of the liveliest periods of English art."ÑDr. Ellen G. Miles, History

"Pressly's volume is a welcome addition to the literature of the period."ÑAnthony Lacy Gully, Albion

"The definitive monograph on a first-rate painter but also a study that will be welcomed by all those interested in the cultural history of his period."ÑMorton D. Paley, The Eighteenth Century, A Current Bibliography