Buildings of Ireland: Dublin

Christine Casey

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2005, Yale University Press,                                                                                         Hardback, 756 pages

A uniquely comprehensive guide to the buildings of central Dublin, in the great tradition of the Pevsner series. Churches, public buildings and streets are described for every district, each full of new discoveries and lively detail. Illustrations include numerous maps, plans, and specially taken colour photographs. The entire area within the canals is covered, along with Phoenix Park. 

The grand eighteenth-century set-pieces – the Custom House, the Four Courts, the Bank of Ireland – are set offset by a graceful Georgian cityscape, much of which remains intact. The rewarding complex buildings of Trinity College and Dublin Castle are explored in full, and the astonishingly rich and varied house interiors are also described, many fir the first time, Civic and commercial Victorian architecture features in strength , together with the highs and lows of post-war building, which culminate in some sensitive and resourceful buildings by a new generation of architects. Two fine Gothic cathedrals remain from the medieval city, whose history is traced in a scholarly introduction that runs down to the present day. Sculpture, monuments and public art – the greatest such concentration in all Ireland –are also included.