Letters From Abroad: The Grand Tour Correspondence of Richard Pococke & Jeremiah Milles

Rachel Finnegan

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2011, Pococke Press

Editor: Rachel Finnegan

Volume 1: Letters from the Continent (1733-34), reproduces the edited Grand Tour letters from the first voyage of France & Italy (1733-34) and contains biographies not only of the two correspondents, but also of the recipients of their letters - Mrs Elizabeth Pococke, who lived in Newtown, Hampshire, and Bishop Milles, who resided in the Bishop's Palace, Waterford. It also reconstructs the deleted passages from the Pococke letters, which give a fascinating insight into the author's financial problems, including his dealings with his banker, John Bagwell of Clonmel, and instructions to his mother regarding the purchase of his wigs and the management of his wardrobe. More info here.

Volume 2: Letters from the Continent (1736-37), reproduces the complete collection of Pococke’s letters to his mother from the second tour (1736-37), together with selected letters from Milles and Pococke to the bishop. This journey differed significantly from their earlier tour of France and Italy and from the standard Grand Tour of the period, with the cousins visiting France, the Low Countries, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary & the Balkans. More info here.

Volume 3: Letters from the East (1737-41), is the final in the series and reproduces 43 of the 48 letters (with summaries of the remaining 5) sent by Pococke to his mother from the time he sailed from Livorno to Alexandria in September 1737, until his arrival 3 years later at Messina, where he was obliged to undergo a period of quarantine. It represents a complete and continuous epistolary account of a 3-year voyage of Egypt, the Holy Land, Syria, Lebanon, Asia Minor, Turkey, the Greek islands and mainland Greece. More info here.

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