Irish Architectural & Decorative Studies XXIII

Irish Georgian Society

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David Fleming, Editor

Irish Georgian Society, 2020


  • William Laffan - Christopher P. Monkhouse (1947-2021): a tribute
  • Robin Usher - The archbishops of Armagh and Drogheda's 'faire house', 1613-1783
  • Finnian Ó Cionnaith - Charles Brooking's 1728 map of Dublin: context, influences and compilation of an early Georgian city survey
  • Toby Barnard - Hugh Douglas Hamilton, Paul Sandby, the Gaussens and Hamilton (Victoria)
  • Matthew Skic - Loyalty, delirium and grief: the portraits of Richard Mansergh St George
  • Daniel Sheppard - 'Ashford copys and rivals Roberts': new evidence for Thomas Roberts and William Ashford at Powerscourt
  • Silvia Beltrametti and William Laffan - William McCleary and the trade in pirated caricature in early nineteenth-century Dublin: part 1 - 'Unlawfully Participating in the Profit of their Labour'
  • Anne Casement - 'A little Fancy Building hastily erected': Frances Anne Vane-Tempest and the landscaping and development of the demesne at Garron Tower, part 2