An Architectural History of the Church of Ireland

Michael O'Neill

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Church of Ireland Publishing, 2023
Hardback, 394 pages

An Architectural History cover how inherited medieval churches remained in use, often well into the nineteenth century, and how many of the replacement churches are on the same site, expressing continuity of worship; the development of urban churches in a Classical style; and the legacies in design of the Board of First Fruits and the Ecclesiastical Commissioners of Ireland, including some spectacularly large churches from this time. Post–Disestablishment activity of the Church is discussed in some detail, as is the twentieth century architectural contribution. Detailed attention is given to internal furnishings, in particular seating, pulpit design, and – perhaps most dramatically – the intervention of stained glass. 

The author Dr Michael O’Neill is an architectural historian and digital archivist who has researched and written on all aspects of Irish architecture and undertaken extensive fieldwork for the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage and the Buildings of Ireland series.