Irish Architectural & Decorative Studies Volume II

Dr. Seán O'Reilly

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Author: Dr. Seán O'Reilly                                                                                               Pages: 208                                                                                                                         Type: Paperback                                                                                                             ISBN: 0946846 324                                                                                                       Publisher: Irish Georgian Society                                                                                       Date of Publication: 1999 

Irish Architectural & Decorative Studies Volume II, The Journal of the Irish Georgian 


Nicola Gordon Bowe, ‘The wild heath has broken out again in the heather field’: philanthropic endeavour and Arts & Crafts achievement in early twentieth-century Kilkenny

C.E.B. Brett, Victorian and Edwardian Belfast: preserving the architectural legacy of the inner city

Ana Dolan, The large medieval churches of the dioceses of Leighlin, Ferns and Ossory:a study of adaptation and change – part I

Brendan Grimes, The church architecture of James Edward Rogers (1838-1896)

Judith Hill, Davis Ducart and Christopher Colles: architects associated with the Custom House at Limerick

Eve McAulay, Some problems in building on the Fitzwilliam estate during the agency of Barbara Verschoyle

Philip McEvansoneya, An Irish artist goes to Bath: letters from John Warren to Andrew Caldwell, 1776-1784

Ann Martha, Rowan A database of Irish architects 1720-1940: D