Irish Architectural & Decorative Studies Volume I

Dr. Seán O'Reilly

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Author: Dr. Seán O'Reilly                                                                                                 Pages: 224                                                                                                                           Type: Paperback                                                                                                               ISBN: 0946846 162                                                                                                         Publisher: Irish Georgian Society                                                                                       Date of Publication: 1998

Irish Architectural & Decorative Studies Volume I, The Journal of the Irish Georgian Society.

Desmond Guinness, Introduction: the Bulletin and the Journal

Jane Fenlon, Some early seventeenth-century building accounts in Ireland

Terry Friedman, William Halfpenny’s designs for an ‘Early Christian’ cathedral at Waterford

David J. Griffin, Castletown, Co Kildare: the contribution of James, 1st Duke of Leinster

Caroline Knight, The Irish in London: post-Restoration suburban houses

Paul Larmour, The works of Oswald Reeves (1870-1967), artist and craftsman: an interim catalogue

Conor O’Neill, In search of Bossi

Seán O’Reilly, A philosophy of restoration: George Edmund Street at Dublin’s Christ Church

Nessa M. Roche, Capturing the light: window-glasshouses in Georgian Ireland

Brendan Rooney, The Irish Exhibition at Olympia 1888

Ann Martha Rowan A database of Irish Architects 1720-1940: C