The Last Knight: A Tribute to Desmond FitzGerald 29th Knight of Glin

Robert O'Byrne

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2013, The Lilliput Press,                                                                                                           224 pages

When Desmond FitzGerald died on 14th September 2011, obituaries paid tribute to his involvement with organizations such as the Irish Georgian Society and the Irish Architectural Archive.  Over the previous decades, however, Desmond achieved far more than has yet been acknowledged.  Not only did he battle to save his ancestral home, Glin Castle, from destitution but he ensured the survival of many other historic houses in Ireland, raising large sums at home and overseas for this cause.  A pioneer in the field of Irish cultural studies, Desmond was awarded a postgraduate scholarship to Harvard, where he began a thesis on eighteenth century Irish acchitecture at a time when little was known about the subject even in Ireland, Desmond's research proved invaluable and brought Irish design to the attention of the public.  Robert O'Byrne has spoken to a wide range of family, friends, and colleagues from his schooldays onwards and read many of his letters and papers. The result is a rounded portrait a very distinctive  Irish patriot. 

All proceeds from the book's sale will go to benefit the Irish Georgian Society.