Irish Country House Collection Scented Candle – Entrance Hall

Merrion Square Interiors

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Stepping from their carriages, guests were brought through the main door into the entrance hall. This room, with its stone paved floor, was where each visitor was greeted and given a warm welcome. Beneath a classical-style frieze hung family portraits, while a turf fire glowed on an enormous hearth, radiating warmth and exuding its characteristic scent. With a tinge of excitement and anticipation guests proceeded from there to meet the rest of the company.

This scented candle suggests warmth and hospitality through its characteristic peaty aroma, redolent of traditional Irish turf fires and wood smoke.

The Georgian Collection of scented candles, by Merrion Square Interiors, has been has been designed and developed by Ireland's leading Interior Designers, Joseph Ensko and Helen Roden.