Famine Folios

Catherine Marshall, Christine Kinealy, Niamh O’Sullivan and Luke Gibbons

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2015, Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum,                                                                               Paperback

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Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum at Quinnipiac University publishes Famine Folios, a unique resource for students, scholars and researchers, as well as general readers, covering many aspects of the Famine in Ireland from 1845–1852 — the worst demographic catastrophe of nineteenth-century Europe. The essays are interdisciplinary in nature, and make available new research in Famine studies by internationally established scholars in history, art history, cultural theory, philosophy, media history, political economy, literature and music.

Monuments and Memorials of the Great Famine
Catherine Marshall explores how imaginative artists help us to work into and through the past. More info here.

Apparitions of Death and Disease: The great hunger in Ireand
Christine Kinealy provides a chronology of the Famine and examines the causes and consequences of this tragedy, and asks how could a famine of this magnitude occur at the centre of the British Empire? Why did Ireland starve? More info here.
The Tombs of a Departed Race: Illustrations of Ireland's great hunger
Niamh O’Sullivan considers the contextual role of British newspaper illustration in interpreting the story of the Famine. More info here.
Limits of the Visible: Representing the great hunger
Luke Gibbons revisits representations of the Famine, particularly those in Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum to argue that images can not only give visual pleasure but demand ethical interventions on the part of spectators. More info here.
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