Energy Efficiency in Historic Houses

Emmeline Henderson

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2013, Irish Georgian Society

Edited by Emmeline Henderson 

Energy Efficiency in Historic Houses is essential reading for those seeking practical, appropriate and easy to understand advice on how to thermally upgrade historic houses and reduce energy costs whilst retaining and respecting their historic features and character. 

Comprising five clear and concise essays by acknowledged authorities on energy efficiency in historic buildings, the book contains a wealth of sensitive solutions for the energy upgrading of historic houses.

The strength of this publication lies in the presentation of perspectives from a cross section of disciplines key for the energy upgrading of historic building: Paul Arnold, a Grade I RIAI Conservation Accredited Architect; Peter Smith, a building contractor well versed in traditional construction and natural insulation materials and methods; Edith Blennerhassett, a building services Engineer with substantial conservation expertise; and two local authority Architectural Conservation Officers, Katriona Byrne, trained in Building Energy Rating (BER) and Carl Raftery, who holds a masters qualification in sustainability.

Between them they address the following critical issues:
• Implementing sensitive, simple, low cost thermal upgrading measures in historic buildings
• Appreciating the embodied energy of historic buildings
• Maximising the inherent thermal performance characteristics of historic buildings
• Understanding the planning implications of carrying out works to increase the energy performance in historic buildings and protected structures.
• Availing of grants to assist in the carrying out thermal upgrading and conservation works
• Adopting appropriate materials in maximising energy efficiency and moisture control in historic buildings
• Learning how historic houses perform in DEAP (the national system of assigning a BER)
• Improving your BER whilst protecting your house’s fabric and its historic character
• Considering options and opportunities to reduce your historic house’s carbon footprint
• Improving running costs

Emmeline Henderson is the Assistant Director & Conservation Manager at the Irish Georgian Society.