Art and Architecture of Ireland Volume V: Twentieth Century

Catherine Marshall and Peter Murray

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2014, Yale University Press,                                                                                                   580 pages

An examination of not only the works of art created in twentieth-century Ireland, but also the critical contexts from which they came. This volume covers the work of recent conceptual artists as well as those who used more traditional media. Definitive biographies of many of the key artists of the age are included, and the volume also addresses the main political and social issues that lay behind twentieth-century Irish art. Through its many fine illustrations, it recreates the excitement of the art world of the period. 

Volume V maps out the main issues and developments of the century. It also provides biographies of many of those who have contributed to Irish art during this time. Looking at established fine art principles and newer practices such as new media art, this volume examines some of the influential contexts for the creation and consumption of art in the twentieth-century. 

The Art and Architecture of Ireland volumes, published for the Royal Irish Academy and the Paul Mellon Centre, are an authoritative and fully illustrated account of the art and architecture of Ireland from the early Middle Ages to the end of the twentieth-century.