Art and Architecture In Ireland Five Volume Set

Paula Murphy, Nicola Figgis and Rachel Moss

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Art and Architecture of Ireland is an authoritative and fully illustrated account of the art and architecture of Ireland from the early Middle Ages to the end of the 20th century. The volumes explore all aspects of Irish art and architecture – from high crosses to installation art, from Georgian houses to illuminated manuscripts, from watercolours and sculptures to photographs, oil paintings, video art and tapestries. This monumental work provides new insight into every facet of the strength, depth and variety of Ireland’s artistic and architectural heritage.

This is a special offer with pre publication price five volume set, the volumes are as follows:

1. Medievel c. 400-1600 (ed. Rachel Moss)

2. Painting 1600-1900 (ed. Nicola Figgis)

3. Sculpture 1600-2000 (ed. Paula Murphy)

4. Architecture 1600-2000 (eds. Rolf Loeber, Hugh Campbell, Livia Hurley, John Montague and Ellen Rowley)

5. Twentieth Century (eds. Catherine Marshall and Peter Murray)

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