Antiquities of Rural Ireland

O'Suilleabhain, Downey & Downey

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In 2003 the authors began a series of articles for Archaeology Ireland under the banner ‘Know Your Monuments’.  More than 50 articles have now been produced, each devoted to a specific topic, and this book is a compilation of those articles assembled to shed light on Ireland’s agricultural and rural past.  It does not pretend to be systematically comprehensive but we hope it will prove to be interesting and eye-opening.  The articles attempt to assemble reasonably up-to-date information about the various archaeological traces, supported by images, a summary of diagnostic features and a list of publications where additional information may be sourced.  The contributions have proved to be useful for landowners wishing to check on specific features they have encountered, for students or teachers seeking a quick and reliable introduction to specific topics, for archaeologists trying to contextualise discoveries in the field and for dilettantes in providing a miscellany of old reliables and unexpected treats.  As some of the articles were originally produced more than ten years ago, we apologise for any resultant omissions.

Wordwell (2017)


ISBN: 978-0-9933518-9-1

Hardback, 240 pages

Illustrated with 120 images