Another Escape: Designing the Modern Guest House II Hardcover

Yao Liang and Stefan Camenzind

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Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd, 2017 

Hardcover 288 pages.


Another Escape: Designing the Modern Guest House II, features a wide array of guest houses from around the world, highlighting the best of modern hospitality. Its projects offer architecturally interesting designs of predominantly reconstructed and restored buildings, set in beautiful and unique environments.

A beautiful location is a vital criterion for a successful guest house. Humans are hardwired to enjoy two types of scenery: the lush and the novel. As cities become the default way of living for large swathes of humanity, we are beginning to place greater value on lush natural beauty. We all feel good in picturesque natural environments, be that walking in a sun-dappled forest, marveling at snow-capped mountains, or watching waves breaking on pristine beaches. But the novel, the new, also moves us. In this richly photographed book you will find beautiful examples of guest houses that make the most of both the lush and the novel. From houses in Greece that are designed to frame spectacular views of the sea to the loft-style spaces in the heart of wooden alpine area in the ancient heart of Slovenia, the guest houses in this book feature striking architecture, tactile materials, and new typologies in luxuriant settings.

Designer solutions extend beyond simple architectural models. This book provides in-depth narratives on refining interiors, such as best spatial layouts, colour palette ideas, unique lighting applications, soft furnishing options, and other design aspects. Each case study draws out detailed references on how to merge practicality with the motifs of nature and art for the perfect design combination: one that offers the user convenience, comfort, and a unique experience.

Yao Liang, born in 1976 in Wenzhou, has been studying Chinese paintings since his childhood and majored in sculpture. He has 20 years of experience in participating in interior architectural design projects, and now is the founder of Yaoliang Architecture and Space Design Office, deputy secretary-general of Wenzhou Representative Office of Art Display Committee of China and Vice president of Wenzhou Branch of CIID (China Institute of Interior Design). In recent years, he has been mainly engaged in design of cultural creative architecture and commercial spaces, curation and product design. Meanwhile, he has made designs and plans for operating his own brand of tea culture, Quan Lu and Display and Products Design Company, Ruishe.