An Irish Florilegium: Wild and Garden Plants of Ireland

Wendy Walsh

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Wendy Walsh, following in the traditions of botanical artists from previous ages, has put her exceptional skills to marvellous effect in this beautiful collection of watercolour drawings. She has painted here a selection of the native and cultivated flora of Ireland, where she lives, chosen not only for their botanical interest or attractiveness but also because they happen to have an interesting history: Ireland has produced a surprising number of devoted and intrepid plant-hunters who played a significant part in the introduction into Europe of plants from remote places.

Ruth Isabel Ross recounts the history of plant collecting and horticulture by the Irish since the earliest times, and Dr Charles Nelson has written extensive notes on the individual plants.

The main attraction of this book, however, remains the delicate and subtle watercolor drawings of Wendy Walsh, who works only from nature, painting the actual plants that are her subjects.