1847: A Chronicle of Genius, Generosity and Savagery

Turtle Bunbury

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2016, Gill Books

Turtle Bunbury

ISBN: 9780717168347

Capture the spirit of an industrial, social and cultural revolution through this invigorating collection of historical portraits from the dawn of the industrialised world! Though it feels like an era marooned almost irretrievably in the distant past, the 1840s - a decade of blistering social and cultural change - is only two lifetimes removed from the present day.

There are, in other words, people alive today who knew and associated with people for whom the Gold Rush and the Great Famine were living memories. Having grown up in an Irish country house built that year, 1847 has long proven the source of inspiration and fascination for historian Turtle Bunbury. And in a bid to once more grasp the spirit of the age, he has over the years assembled an archive of the most remarkable stories from those twelve momentous months.

Bristling with all manner of human life and endeavour, from American pioneers and German entrepreneurs to circus charlatans and down-and-out songwriters, 1847 is a collection of his most remarkable discoveries to date and a stirring portrait of a chaotic world surging towards the modern. By turns poignant, outlandish, curious and provocative, this is history at its most invigorating - as panorama, as epic.