Irish Architectural & Decorative Studies - Volume XIV

Irish Georgian Society

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Editor: Conor Lucey                                                                                                       Pages: 160                                                                                                                       Type: Paperback                                                                                                                       ISBN: 978 0946846 696                                                                                                     Publisher: Irish Georgian Society                                                                                       Date of Publication: 2011

Irish Architectural & Decorative Studies Volume XIV, The Journal of the Irish Georgian Society.

Orla Fitzpatrick, Victorian gallery: Louisa Tenison’s photographic and mixed media album, 1864-1874

Peter Harbison, The Hon. John Dawson (1744-1798): architectural patron and gifted amateur painter

William Laffan, Obituary to the Knight of Glin

Joseph McDonnell, Continental stuccowork and English rococo carving at Russborough

Karol Mullaney-Dignam, ‘Spacious and splendid’: music, dancing and social life at Glin Castle, 1781-1854

Ruth Musielak, Madame da Cunha prefers her own ‘dunghill’ to a palace: city lodging and country visiting in early eighteenth-century London

Finnian O’Cionnaith, Piracy, property and politics: Charles Vallancey and the Down Survey of Ireland

Erika Simon, An iconological reading of the eighteenth-century mural decoration at 52 St Stephen’s Green.