Irish Architectural & Decorative Studies Volume VI

Dr. Nicola Figgis

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Author: Dr. Nicola Figgis                                                                                                 Pages: 240                                                                                                                       Type: Paperback                                                                                                             ISBN: 0946846 979                                                                                                       Publisher: Irish Georgian Society                                                                                       Date of Publication: 2003

Irish Architectural & Decorative Studies Volume VI, The Journal of the Irish Georgian Society.

Toby Barnard, From Imperial Schatzkammer to the Giant’s Causeway: collecting in eighteenth-century Ireland

Sarah R Drumm, The Irish patrons of Rosalba Carriera (1675-1757)

Michael Gould and Ronald Cox, The railway stations of George Wilkinson

Desmond Guinness, An unpublished watercolour by James Malton

Michael McCarthy, University Church: towards a stylistic context

Patricia McCarthy, Vails and travails: how Lord Kildare kept his household in order

Joseph McDonnell, Friends, Roman bindings, and Dr Troy

Philip McEvansoneya, Hugh Lane and mural painting: designs for the Gallery of Modern Art in Dublin

Joseph McMinn, A reluctant observer: Swift and architecture

Anna Moran, Selling Waterford glass in early nineteenth-century Ireland

David Skinner, Flocks, flowers and follies: some recently discovered Irish wallpapers of the eighteenth century