The Wild & Garden Plants of Ireland

Charles Nelson and Wendy F. Walsh

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2009, Thames & Hudson,                                                                                                   280 pages

Paintings by Wendy F. Walsh
Text by E. Charles Nelson

Elegant and unconventional, this book of jewel-like watercolours by renowned Irish botanical artist Wendy Walsh portrays a personal selection of over 100 plants that grow wild in Ireland or are cultivated in Irish gardens.

Presented thematically, the plants range from well-loved and distinctive native plants to exotic species introduced from the New World and Asia, unusual plants that grow in some of the more extreme environments in Ireland, and striking hybrids created by plant breeders.

Lively and accessible horticultural descriptions by distinguished botanist Charles Nelson accompany the paintings, celebrating the story of each plant along with its natural history. The great gardens, famous plantsmen, fascinating journeys and natural phenomena that have shaped the flora of Ireland spring to life in Dr Nelson’s engaging text.

Dr E. Charles Nelson is a distinguished botanist who has written numerous books on the Irish flora, including An Irish Florilegium, Trees of Ireland: Native and Naturalized, The Burren and A Prospect of Irish Flowers. He worked for many years at the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin.

Wendy F. Walsh is one of Ireland’s premier botanical artists, internationally recognized for her paintings of Irish flora. She has illustrated over a dozen books in collaboration with Dr Nelson and has received Royal Horticultural Society medals and numerous other awards for her paintings. Her outstanding work as an artist was recognized in 1997 when the University of Dublin conferred on her an honorary Doctorate of Letters.