Of Sea and Stone: Paintings 1974 - 2014

Peter Pearson

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2014, Gandon Editions, Hardback, 144 pages

Although characterised by a lightness of touch and sense of innocent pleasure in everyday city scenes, Pearson's art reveals also a palpable suspicion of the institutions of irish society.

His larger works, complex and allegorical, hint at a complicated relationship with society. However, in his small, quickly executed sketches of streets and docks, he can be a fine impressionist painter. Although largely self-taught, there is a sophistication in his use of colour and the deft application of paint in quick dabs and dashes, accurately capturing the scudding clouds and the quickly changing light on the river Liffey.

As a result of studying art history rather than going to art college, Pearson's magpie aesthetic extends seamlessly from collecting architectural fragments to liberally incorporating motifs and styles he admires in the work of other artists...' 'Some of Pearson's paintings are quasi-abstract, some Impressionist, some Surreal. All are individual and are united by the artist's refined tonal sense and delicate use of colour, and an aesthetic unique in contemporary Irish Art.' Peter Murray, Director of Crawford Art Gallery, Cork