Irish Stone Walls: History, Building, Conservation

Patrick McAfee

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2006, O'Brien Press,                                                                                                                 144 pages, Paperback.

A unique history and 'how to' book on one of Ireland's most distinctive landscape features - the stone wall. The Irish countryside is a patchwork of over 250,000 miles of stone wall. Built from local stone according to the style of each region - dry stone in the West and the Mourne mountains or mortar elsewhere - these walls are an intrinsic part of the landscape. This unique guide by expert stone mason Pat McAfee covers the history of this ancient tradition, giving illustrated examples and step-by-step instructions on constructing, conserving and repairing stone walls of all types - whether dry stone or mortar. It includes:

• History of stone in Ireland

• How to build dry stone and mortar walls

• Basic and more advanced techniques

• Dos and don'ts of repair work

• Appropriate conservation methods