Christmas 2019 final postal dates

Posted by IGS Bookshop on

If you are ordering from our online shop and wish for your items to arrive in time for Christmas, please take into consideration An Post's final postal dates for Christmas:*

Republic of Ireland
December 20 - Standard Post Letters & Parcels   
December 20 - Registered Post

Northern Ireland    
December 20- Standard Post Letters & Parcels   
December 20 - Registered Post   

Great Britain    
December 19 - Standard Post Letters 
December 19 - Standard Post Parcels      

December 13 - Standard Post Parcels    
December 19 - Standard Post Letters 

December 7 - Standard Post Parcels    
December 10 - Standard Post Letters 

Rest of the World    
December 6 - Standard Post Letters & Parcels   

*Please note: International mail delivery times are estimates and subject to local postal operator delays.